The Minecrop Framework

The Idea 💡

Agriculture stands as a pivotal sector capable of adapting to climate change while advancing environmental objectives.

Agricultural training has and must be dynamic, innovative, flexible and adaptable to the real needs. MINECROP wants to apply Gamification in Learning. Gamification can create huge performance benefits for an Educational Organization as it influences learners at different stages of their learning process.

MINECROP seeks to:
  • Increase awareness of the challenges posed by climate change.
  • Bridge green skill gaps prevalent among farmers due to inadequate training.
  • Tailor green guidance on agricultural issues and opportunities to the diverse contexts found in different countries.
What sets MINECROP apart is its innovative approach, characterized by its unique focus on the VET sector and its hands-on nature. Unlike existing Minecraft applications primarily serving as assessment or knowledge dissemination tools, MINECROP serves as a practical instrument for learning and skill development.

The Objectives✅️

We aim to revolutionize training methods in Agriculture by promoting innovative approaches such as game-based learning to effectively address the complex challenges facing the EU Agriculture industry.

As part of our strategy, we will develop a Minecraft game tailored to complement existing VET courses. 

The Minecraft game will serve as a platform to engage learners interactively. It will feature an interactive Guidebook for Sustainable crop techniques, providing users with practical insights into green Agricultural practices. During their digital harvest, users will encounter various options for selecting the most sustainable pesticides and fertilizers necessary for crop growth, thereby enhancing their understanding and application of sustainable farming methods.